Gifts for my Grandparents

Grandparents are not the easiest people to buy for. Currently I don’t have a lot of money and really they have everything they need. Plus my grandparents live in New Hampshire and shipping? Yeah, not the cheapest! I know they appreciate when I make them things and I was very excited with what I came up with this year!

For my grandmother? A casserole dish carrier. I used the heat resistant fabric and placed it in between my layers. It folds in and ties over the dish and then the other layers come up and the wood handles are to carry it. I also used extra fabric to make pot holders that match. I figured she could bring those when she brings the entire carrier.

I don’t have pictures of what I made my grandfather but I made him handkerchiefs. I purchased them for him a few years ago and hand embroidered them but this year I actually made them for him. I tried to “embroider” using my machine (not an embroidery machine) and let me just say they did not come out as neat as when I did them with my hands. But I know he will love them and use them just the same. :)

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update so I wrote on a card what it was (just in case she didn’t know) and my mom told me she’d wrap and send it since she was sending them stuff anyway. Yeah, mom put it on the OUTSIDE of the present!! So when I called her today she told me what the card said. I told her she should just open it, at least that way she’d get use out of it. haha. She cried!! PERFECT REACTION! I love my Mimi!

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  1. Love it!

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  2. That’s so sweet! I agree, grandparents are hard to shop for. I love your ideas.

  3. Super cute idea!!

  4. Okay, I want that casserole carrier!! Adorable. You are so sweet to make them things for Christmas and so right that grandparents can be hard to shop for! Great job.

  5. When I was 10, I embroidered initials on handkerchiefs for my grandfather for Christmas. He loved them. :)

  6. Awe, she will be THRILLED!! I know my granny would love it:)