Thankful Thursdays [7.31.14]

Thankful Thursdays

Happy Thursday!  Today I am blogging from my mom’s house in Tennessee.  I am thankful that I have a wonderful family and am able to visit and spend time with them.  I am also thankful I have a job where I normally work out of the house in Texas but when I come back to Tennessee then I just switch and go into the office.  :)

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Handmade Tuesdays 7.29.14

Welcome to Handmade Tuesdays! Can you believe it is July?  Happy 4th of July!

As always, no rules but I’d love for you to follow (over there —–>) and to visit and comment on other’s posts. Thanks so much for linking up!

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Honduras Re-Cap

Last week we went to Honduras on a mission trip with church. I honestly had no idea what to expect as I had never been on a mission trip and had never been to Central America. Our church is starting up a partnership with a village church in the department of Lempira which is one of the poorest departments in the country. I know there is no way I am going to be able to recap everything that happened but I can share some pictures with you. It was definitely an experience that I will treasure forever.


 This is one of my favorite photos because it is taken overlooking some of the village and some of the houses that we visited.  Right in front of us is the church.  The people were so kind and so welcoming.  They even made a bathroom because they knew that we were coming.  Their generous spirits when they do not have a lot was absolutely incredible.


We did a VBS and church service with the people in the village.  The kids loved the crafts we had prepared for them each day.


This was my absolute favorite.  One day during the church service I heard the kids singing the songs we were teaching them in VBS (all in Spanish of course.  We had been singing the songs in Spanish all week but sadly I really had no idea what I was singing).  I thought one of the kids that came with us (4 kids between 10 & 12 came with us), but nope, they were out there by themselves sitting in the back of one of the trucks singing.  I took a video too.  Cutest thing ever.


At Rosalie’s house she put us to work.  We stayed about 2 hours and first shucked corn, then we grinded already soaking corn and then we made tortillas!  We then got to eat the tortillas, so it was worth all the work :)  Also, it was awesome seeing what their days consist of.



Josiah actually had a corn shucking contest with Wendi, one of her daughters.  She was 11.  She won the first one and he won the second one.  No joke I had blisters on my thumb after all the corn shucking.


Most of their kitchens looked like this.  This family was so sweet.  They made us coffee and brought it out for us with cookies.  As I mentioned, they are the most generous people and they really don’t have much.  We actually weren’t able to drink any water in the village because our stomachs can’t handle it but since the coffee was hot it was okay to drink. I don’t like coffee but because of how pure the coffee is with the sugar cane they put in it, it was actually pretty good!


This was one of the houses.  They are incredibly beautiful and they build them all by hand themselves.  They are actually quite spacious and while they don’t have much inside they are really proud of their houses.  They get passed down through the family.  The views outside their doors is insanely beautiful with the animals grazing around.  They live very simple lives and while we want to help them there has to be a balance between helping them and keeping their way of life the same.  The village is getting electricity in the next few months and that will definitely change the way they live.


This is a panorama of the view from the church at the top of the hill.  There are all the houses down below and then others at the top.  The brick building is the outhouse they built for us.  Definitely appreciated.  You can absolutely appreciate the beauty when you look at this photo.  Honduras was absolutely amazing and I am still trying to process it all.

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Thankful Thursdays [7.24.14]

Thankful Thursdays

I am thankful for Sunsets.  They are really God’s handiwork in the sky!sunsets



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