Handmade Tuesdays [3.31.15]

Welcome to Handmade Tuesdays!  As always, no rules but I’d love for you to follow (over there —–>) and to visit and comment on other’s posts. Thanks so much for linking up!

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Weekend Scripture


From She Reads Truth.  I don’t know about y’all but I love their daily devotions!!

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Yay For Friday

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a great week!  Today I am going to do a currently post :)  There is a lot going on here in Texas and I hope I am able to do everything I need to :)

Blue Bonnetts

Currently Loving: The Blue Bonnets.  They are the state flower of Texas and if you visit in the spring you will see this wildflower filling fields and everywhere.  They only last a short time but are beautiful!

baby cow

And the baby cows of course.  If only they would let me get closer to them!

Currently Reading: I have not gotten very far in it (and by that I mean, like two pages) but Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin.  I have really enjoyed her other books and when I saw this one was being released I had to get it.  She writes in a very conversational manner.

Currently Thinking: I hope people get their RSVP’s in so I can figure out how many tables I need :) I know this is an age old problem, but then I can plan better :)  I am not doing a seating chart but I want to make sure I have enough seats for everyone :)

Currently Watching: Not right now as I write this post but I love watching Kelly & Michael.  Anyone else?  I think their banter and their show is just awesome!

Currently Making: Wedding crafts!  I feel like I have a lot of time (50 Days!) but then I know that is going to FLY by!  So I need to get cracking!


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Favorite Engagement Photos

I wanted to share some photos of our session with our wedding photographers at Inks Lake State Park here in Texas.  It was perfect weather on a Sunday evening and we had a great time shooting with our wedding photographers!

Inks Lake Engagement 1

Inks Lake Engagement 9

Inks Lake Engagement 8

Inks Lake Engagement 7

Inks Lake Engagement 6

There were some silly photos of course!

Inks Lake Engagement 5

And some really sweet ones.

Inks Lake Engagement 4

Inks Lake Engagement 3

Inks Lake Engagement 2

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