Yay for Friday

Happy Friday!  I am so glad it is the weekend!  Did you have a good week?  Some weeks just seem to last longer than others, don’t they?

Mom & Kendra

1- My mom & sister are here!!!  We are going wedding dress shopping and I pray I find a dress!!  I shared one of just the three of us last week, so this one has my brother from Christmas.  :)

2- I have absolutely no idea what wedding dress style I want.  Seriously.  I watch enough Say Yes to the Dress but I really have no idea.  I know what I *think* I don’t like but I really want to keep my options open.  I don’t want to limit myself to what I think looks good on me when I really have absolutely no idea.

3- This.  Case closed.  Makes me feel a little better :) I think it also goes along with trying to plan a wedding for everyone else.  I will get blue in the face and I am just trying to plan the best day for me, Josiah and for the majority.  I do want everyone to have a great time, but I cannot please everyone :)


4- This week was absolutely beautiful.  Then it got colder.  But while the north east was having a snow storm, here in Texas we were in the 70’s.  It was absolutely amazing.

5- Always something to remember.  God knows what happened yesterday, what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow.  And with that, I can keep calm because He has it.  I may have days worse than others but there is always a blessing within each day.


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Delicious Brussel Sprouts

I am not a fan of brussel sprouts, at all.  But I have found a way to cook them where I actually enjoy eating them.




Brussel sprouts are a super healthy food.  They can do so much to help your body.  But in my opinion, they have a weird name (which makes things hard to eat!) and unless you prepare them in a delicious way, I do not like how they taste.  I stumbled upon this delicious recipe from Food Network.

It is super easy to prepare using olive oil, salt and pepper.  You place them in the oven and let them cook.  They taste amazing when they are done.  Sometimes I will grate some parmesan cheese over them just to give them an added oomph.

So, if you want a super healthy vegetable that you didn’t know you liked.  Try this recipe!  I am pretty sure you will discover you like them like I did ;)


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Handmade Tuesdays [1.27.15]

Welcome to Handmade Tuesdays! As always, no rules but I’d love for you to follow (over there —–>) and to visit and comment on other’s posts. Thanks so much for linking up!

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{Mostly} Handmade Valentine’s Gift Ideas

I love Valentine’s Day but I don’t think you need to spend a fortune to make it special.  There are lots of great ideas around the internet for things that you can make or you can make and then purchase.  Here are some of the ones I have thought about.



12 Months of Dates.  I am sure you have seen this on multiple blogs but Clean & Scentsible has free printables for it as well.  You can prepay for the dates or just have ideas for the following 12 months.  What an adorable (and thoughtful!) idea.


Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.54.17 AM

Shutterfly Photo Books.  I am a huge fan of these books.  I make them all the time.  Watch for their sales because you can normally get free shipping and then some amount off.


If you don’t have as much time to make a Shutterfly book or want something a little smaller, have you heard of chatbooks?  They are smaller and you can make your own with one picture and captions on each page.  I made Josiah one for Christmas and he keeps it on his desk at work.  Use this code to receive your first one for free: 9PETNKKA.  Just download the app.



How about some food?  You can never go wrong with some homemade cookies or bread.  You put time into it and it tastes absolutely delicious!

Another cute idea is the Alphabet of Our Love.  I have seen a few versions of this but here is one from The Twinery Blog that came out really cute.

Buzzfeed has a great post on lots of ideas that you can check out right here.  If you find any other ideas I would love to hear them!



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