Handmade Tuesdays [6.30.15]

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Wedding Photos [3]

Last wedding photo post! For now :)



I love this photo.  We did the majority of our couple photos before the ceremony, so this one was done after and I absolutely love it!

Gym 1


I have mentioned some last minute changes we had to make and that included moving our reception into the church gym.  I had one meltdown the day before and family and friends stepped up and made it look amazing!  I had provided the decorations and everything, and they put them into place.  I did not enter the gym until our grand entrance.  When the lights were off the gym looked magical.  Best it has probably ever looked.


Gym 2


The swags are lighted garlands with mini bows tied on all of them.  It probably took them forever!

Gym 3


I loved these little touches of burlap on the walls.


gym entrance


Our grand entrance into the gym.  The lights were on for this.




We had Freebirds cater.  It is a Mexican Burrito place.  Everyone LOVED it.


cake cutting

 I absolutely LOVE our cake.  I wanted something simple that we could place flowers on and that is exactly what I got.  Sadly, I didn’t even get a piece of it, haha.  Our cake is from Strictly Sweets and our cake topper was from Rustic Wedding Stop.  No one asked me to give you their information, but I loved it all I thought I would share :)


 Josiah’s brothers gave us a “toast.”

first dance

 Our first dance.  We danced to Hold You Up by Matthew West.  I love how my dress sparkled.



And we had a bubble exit!!

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Weekend Scriptures


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Yay For Fridays!

Happy Friday! There has been lots of moving and packing going on in our neck of the woods this week!

mattress buying

On Sunday we bought a new mattress.  Gosh those things are expensive but I guess since you spend a lot of your life sleeping it is probably worth it :)

new bathtub

Had to pick out a different tub as the original one we picked was too big.  I may have tested this out in the store and sat in it for quite a while.  I got a few stares but I love my baths and had to make sure that I liked it.

baby cows

These babies are getting a little more adventurous.  I have to be really careful letting Pancake outside when the babies are exploring more now.  The last time Gig’Em & Aggie had babies on the ranch and they wanted to say hi to Pancake, it wasn’t too good…

(disclaimer: she was absolutely fine after this.  But obviously, I get worried)


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