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Good Tuesday to all you Ladybug Blessings readers!  I’m Susan from Living with Punks. I love to create and see what new things I can come up with on my sewing machine, especially for my three punks!  I’m sharing a great scarf for your little girl today that is so darling on, you may have to make more than one.  I’ve made two so far, and I have a matching Mama Ruffle Scarf posting on my blog too, check it out here.  Many thanks to Kristen for asking me to join in the Handmade Tuesdays Tutorial Link!

I seem to get these ideas late at night, and then I stay up wayyyy too late, excited to get it done…..Am I alone?  Does anyone else do that?

I love seeing a little girl in ruffles!

Especially when they can be sweeping the cheek, right? This scarf is so easy.  It took me about 1 hour to complete, minus all the buttonhole practice!  I used knit yardage for the teal blue scarf.  The pink striped scarf I used thrifted T-shirts!  I actually have enough of the striped shirt to make some matching leggings.  The sky is the limit with this ladies. I even wrapped the scarf around my own neck and think it would be easy to add another foot to the length and make an adult size!

Materials Needed
1/4 yard knit fabric for the main piece (or use a recycled shirt)
1/4 yard knit fabric for the ruffle
2 buttons
Hand sewing needle

Cut your main piece of fabric as shown above.  Make sure you are cutting through both layers of fabric to get two pieces


Cut your ruffle fabric at 1.5″ from fold to selvage.  You will have to cut 3-4 pieces to give you approx 180″ of fabric.  Sew the strips RST together to make one long piece.


Set your tension to the highest setting on your sewing machine


Stitching a 1/4″ seam, start stitching and watch the ruffles create themselves.  This really saves alot of time.  It literally took me under a minute to make all these ruffles

Look at all the goodness


Take your ruffled piece and put it RST on top of one of the scarf pieces.  You want both RAW EDGES together.  Pin generously to prevent shifting. On the corners, just make sure the ruffles are situated to not get sewn up where they shouldn’t be.

Make sure to turn your sewing machine back to its normal tension setting (knits seem to need to be on a lower than normal setting anyway).  Sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance.
Take the other scarf piece and lay it on top of the piece you just sewed the ruffle to, right sides together.  Pin generously.  Mark about a 4″ spot to turn the scarf once finished.   Turn the scarf  to the already stitched side to use as a guide and sew in the same stitches.  Stitch around the entire scarf except for the 4″ marked off to turn
Remove pins and clip all 4 corners.  Turn right side out
Find the 4 inches you left open to turn and turn under the excess so it lines up with the rest of the piece.  Using your hand sewing needle, begin to close up the opening.  Just go thru both pieces of fabric, very close to the hem and sew up.
On the square side of the scarf, measure for the buttons.  Measure in 1.5 inches both from the side and the top.  Do this on both sides and mark your points.  This will be where your buttonhole begins
Sidebar: If you’ve never made buttonholes before, don’ be scared!  Watch this video tutorial like I did and be not afraid!  Also, practice!  I always tell my boys when they get discouraged about something that the expert in anything was once a beginner!
Use the mark you made as your ENDPOINT.  In other words, the mark will be the edge of the buttonhole.  The rest of the buttonhole will go towards the longer part of the scarf.  Repeat on the other mark. Open up the buttonholes CAREFULLY using a seam ripper
Measure down the LONGER edge of the scarf.  Put the first button at about 17″ and the second at about 19.5″.  BEFORE you do this, measure your child’s neck and see if that is going to work.  You can always adjust where they are going to fit your needs.  Just mark the position with a pencil
Put the first button about 2 inches in from the long side.  The second button (the one closest to the angled edge) should be about 2.5 inches from the side
And you’re done!  Iron it if needed and wrap around your sweetie!

I had so much fun making this scarf.  I hope you make one too!


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    All Things Heart and Home

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