Wedding Invitation Ornament

Wedding Ornament 1


I have been so excited about making this double ornament.  Forever ago I saw a glass ball with a wedding invitation inside it and always said when I got married I was going to do something like that with my wedding invitation.  I actually ended doubling up, adding vinyl and having the large ball have my wedding invitation and wedding flowers in it while he smaller ball has my wedding program in it.

Wedding Invitation 3


The wedding program was cut up and curled in the smaller ball with a vinyl date on it.


Wedding Invitation Ornament 4


The large ball has our wedding invitation, wedding flowers and our monogram on it.  If I had to do it again I would not use a linked monogram as it was VERY difficult to get the vinyl to lay straight.  I may actually pull it off with a different vinyl at a later time.


Wedding Invitation Ornament 5

The burlap bow is actually ribbon that we used in the wedding decor as well.

Wedding Ornament 2


I absolutely love how it turned out and cannot wait to hang it on the Christmas tree.  I love how it has our invitation, program, flowers and ribbon all incorporated in one ornament.  I used plastic balls as I did not want to risk spending all that time and then the balls breaking years down the line.


Wedding Crafts [# 2]

card box

Custom card box.  Card boxes are really expensive and I figured I could make one for much cheaper. Mine cost around $30.  Much  more manageable cost wise!

guestbook sign

I purchased this wood frame from hobby lobby, stickers from Walmart and fabric from Jo Ann’s.  Wow, lots of craft stores but I really like how the sign came out.

large letters

Random letters?  Why not!?!

ring bearer pillows


This was one of my favorite crafts.  I made ring bearer pillows instead of purchasing them.  I love that I have things we can pass down to our children that were used in our wedding.


Wedding Crafts – Signs [# 1]

I wanted to make sure to have some personal elements in our wedding.  I made some random signs for around the reception.  Up until the week before the wedding everything was going to be outside, but due to the amount of rain we received in Texas, we moved it indoors at the last minute.

painting 2


You have to do # at wedding’s now.  Yes, it was trendy but due to the last minute changes and everything, it was still beautiful!

painting 3


Self explanatory :)

painting 4


I had some random canvases to craft with.  They definitely helped make the space better.






I love the bow that was added at the last minute

unplugged sign

We had an Unplugged Ceremony.  We had a few people who were upset with us, but we have no cell phones in our photos when the photographer took photos from the balcony.  So it absolutely works for me!


Nursing Cover [baby boy]

This is the second nursing cover that I have made and thankfully it went easier than the first one! Sadly, I do not have photos of that one. Anyway, these are pretty easy to make and are great new mother’s gifts if you know they are going to be nursing. I used this tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous.  The fabric is from Hobby Lobby.

Nursing Cover


Nursing Cover 3


Nursing Cover 2


The part that I have always had the most issues with is the boning.  But, if you make your stitch wide enough to go just at the top and just at the bottom of the boning, it will actually work.  Once I finally made that discovery- the project was so much easier!