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Thanks for stopping by Ladybug Blessings!  My name is Kristen and I started this blog in 2009 as a personal/craft blog.  I use it as a creative outlet and to share what inspires me, what I love, what I create and everything in between.  I absolutely love color and creating new things and I share that on Ladybug Blessings.  I don’t shy away from sharing my faith and my life, both good and bad.  I share my struggles and my inspiration on this blog.

I am a Tennessee girl at heart but live in Texas outside of San Antonio.  I moved to Texas to be closer to my now husband.  I am a triplet and have a brother and a sister.  We look absolutely nothing alike.  I have always been creative and love teaching myself new things.  If only I had more time to do it all!  I am also getting into cooking (or maybe more baking), which I think my mother is really happy about.  She is an amazing cook and has been waiting for it to take hold.  For my day job I work in Marketing/Sales for a small company.  I am blessed to be able to work from home.


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 I had a beautiful Tennessee Christmas Proposal.  You can read about it here: | Part I | Part II |


We were married on May 16, 2015.  We had a lot of last minute changes but it was beautiful and I wouldn’t want it any different.

| Photos I | Photos II | Photos III |

This is Pancake.  She is an older Shih Tzu who I rescued from a puppy mill in 2008.  She is my constant little shadow.  I work from home and I think it makes her the happiest.  She pretty much sleeps all day and gets up to maybe stretch, get a treat, check where I am and then snuggles back in her bed.  Tough life for Pancake.

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Here is Willow.  We live on a ranch in Texas, there are cats.  Lots of them.  Willow got lucky and became an indoor/outdoor cat.  She is little miss. priss and if it is cold outside or raining she wants to be in.  Otherwise she likes to spend her days outside.  When we are gone on trips she eats her sorrows away and has quite a few lbs to loose.  But she is sweet and loves her family.

I love adventure.  Like most people I love traveling, cliche but true.  I love road trips and really want to travel to any place (well, as long as it is safe) that I can!  I studied abroad in Australia in 2010 and really want to go back!  I also really want to go skydiving one day.  My favorite foods are Mexican and Sushi.  I like to talk, a lot.  Probably why I have a blog.  I am not shy and am very outgoing.  I had to take a million and one personality tests in graduate school and I was an ENFJ every single time.  I don’t watch a lot of tv but I think The Big Bang Theory is hysterical.  And most of all, I am very, very blessed.

Want to know anything else?  Just ask!  


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