Evernote for Blogging

Evernote for BloggingWhat is Evernote?  Quite Simply Evernote is a note taking tool.  It allows you to put your data in one places and access it online, on you computer or on your smartphone or tablet and all devices sync seamlessly.  But it can do so much more than that.

Put simply how does it work? You have Notes and Notebooks.  The notes go in your notebooks.  You also have tags.  You can search by keyword, label, within a notebook and more.  I have found it is actually easier to have less notebooks and use the tags over making a million and one notebooks.  I cannot tell you how many note taking apps I have tried to use over the years and Evernote is the only one I have actually stayed with.

How do I write a note? Just start writing!  The best part is you can type, scan in pictures/receipts/recipes/, you can clip in websites (see below), drag files in from your desktop, and print your notes.

What can I store in it?  Anything and everything!  Articles, Recipes, Business Cards. etc. Evernote allows you to import images, graphics and PDFs AND it makes them searchable… probably one of my favorite features.

Searches in Evernote

How Can I Use it for Blogging? 
Decide if you are going to use one notebook or multiple notebooks for your blog.  Are all your ideas going in one notebook or will you have multiple notebooks (Posts, Contacts etc.)?  Are you going to stack your notebooks?
Create a New Note for each Blog Post.  This is especially helpful when they are ideas I am working through and have no idea when I am actually going to post them.
Store ideas, images, things that inspire you in your notebook.  This way they are all in one secure place and can be seen on whatever device you are looking at.
You can share your notes with others.  This allows you to collaborate with other bloggers through notes in Evernote.
Any information you want to remember, view later or keep for ideas can go into Evernote.

How Do I Have Mine Organized? I currently have my notebooks stacked.  Which means I have more than one notebook together under a category called Ladybug Blessings.

Evernote Notebooks

Currently I only have General Blog and Post Ideas.  I have been moving things around, so I don’t think it is going to stay like this for long but it will for a little while.

Blog Post in Evernote: You can see that I put everything (including the graphics) into my blog post.  I also have a folder where I store the images so I can upload them from there.  I even go as far to include at the very bottom of my blog post the Category I am going to post it in and the Tags.

What Else does it Do?

Create Reminders: Evernote allows you to create reminders with date and time stamps.

Create To Do Lists: The checkboxes can actually be checked off for you to do list folks.

Browser Extensions: I currently use two:

Web Apps for Evernote

The Web Clipper.  It is an extension for your browser that allows you to quickly store, mark-up and share anything you find on the web.

Clearly turns the webpage you are viewing to a very simple to view, clear page.  You just click on the extension and ta-da!

Cleary Web App
I can’t even begin to explain everything you can do with Evernote.  It would take many, many posts and lots of time to explain what you can use it for.

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New Layout

Did you notice the new layout? (look around :) It is still a work in progress and I am not sure what else I want to add or take away but I am liking how it is coming out. I tend to like the simple looking blogs and wanted to incorporate a more simple look on my own blog.

If you have a chance I would love to know what you think- kristen[at]ladybug-blessings.com[dot]com. Is it too simple? Should I add more color? Anything else you want to add? I would love to hear what you have to say!


[Chaos Theory] Blog Redesign

So one of my oldest friends, Courtney [we met when we were 8!], asked me to redesign her blog.  I absolutely love doing blog design and so of course I said yes!  Just wanted to show you all so you could go check it out.

Manic Mother
Court’s blog is a personal blog and she is a huge reader!  All her reading posts and challenges make me want to pick up a book and read more, haha.  


Under Construction

Forgive any crazyness you see here!  I am working on layout/new items etc. and am doing it in short stints.  Then oddly they don’t show up right away and I have to come back an hour later to check it/ultimately fix it.  So…  just forgive how it looks for now!  :)  Especially how my pink in the button is not the same as the pink in the rest of the site!  Totally didn’t realize that one :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!