Chatbook Review [they came!]

My Chatbooks came in the mail! I was so excited to get them! I ordered two different types. They have a series option for your Instagram photos. Basically each book cost $6 and holds $60 photos. Plus free shipping. You can choose which photos to include or exclude and you can add the captions, date and a location tag.


The books are decent size- 6″ x 6″ and have one photo on each page.  The caption that you had on instagram is down below with the date at the top.  Before you print you can edit the captions.  You can also choose which photo to have as your cover photo.


This is my instagram series.  They have volume numbers and are on subscription.  So now, anytime I hit 60 photos it will (after a few days, so you have time to edit it) send me a new one for $6 shipped.  How awesome is that?!?



The date prints nicely at the top left of each photo.  I am not sure where the location tag prints as I did not include these in my books.  You can turn them off in settings.


Some random #tbt’s you can see in the book.




Here is what the book I made looks like.  It was $11 something with shipping.  Not too bad and super easy to do :)  Although, I had a little bit of water on my hand and it immediately affected a little bit of the paper, so don’t do that.  But the paper is good quality.




And you can get your first chapbook FREE using the code 9pETNKKA.  They are super easy to do and you can do them through the app on your phone.



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  1. Hey thanks for letting us know about this. I love this idea and I’m totally gonna go take a look-see!
    Happy Christmas!!
    Tori recently posted..Sunday Review Monday

  2. I can’t believe those instagram books are only $6! That’s such a great deal. So glad you wrote about this. Thanks for swinging over to my neck of the woods! Merry Christmas!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. That is such an amazing deal for those instagram books. $6 is a steal!!! I didn’t know these existed. (I’m usually hiding under a rock). Thanks for visiting my neck of the woods! Merry Christmas!
    Katie @ Cup of Tea recently posted..Menu Monday #32 – Christmas Menu