Wedding Flowers

Josiah is amazing at making flowers.  He really could have made the bouquets, but I did have a flower shop do those :) He had a vision with all the flowers for decorations and tables and ran with it.  If you have the time and can do it, I highly recommend making them yourself because we saved a ton of money!

large flowers

These flowers were on display in the church.  We put them on pedestals.

pew markers

 These flowers were used to make the pews in the church.


 Here is the entire scene set.  Josiah also made the arrangements in the large silver vases in the back.  For the last minute changes we had to make, I loved how it turned out.

silver vases

table flowers

 We kept the table arrangements pretty simple.  I purchased buckets at Ikea and Josiah designed arrangements for them.  Thankfully we had wonderful friends helping us make them!

table arrangement

There was some issues with the flowers arriving (they arrived the day before in ALL the wrong colors).  Josiah got it all taken care of before he even told me about it! :)  And they looked beautiful!

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