Wedding Photos [# 2]

Wedding Photos part 2!  Again, sorry for the photo overload.  I absolutely love our photos and our photographers and want to make sure to document everything that happened.  Well, not everything because that would be a TON but the big things! :)


My beautiful bridesmaids.


Josiah’s handsome groomsman

Wedding Party

The entire wedding party with our flower girl and ring bearers.


Josiah and our ushers


Will, Ellen, Me, Anne & Caroline.  I have babysat these kids (teenagers now!) since Ellen was a baby.  I knew they would be in my wedding.


We took tons of family photos.  Here is us with our immediate families.

Ceremony 1

Giving away of the bride

Ceremony 2

Josiah’s cousins Morgan & Hallie sung Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” during the ceremony.  Josiah and I started dancing.

Uncle David Pray

During the Pastor’s part, Josiah’s uncle said a few words.  He has been like a father figure to Josiah, so it was a really sweet moment.

footwashing 1

Instead of a Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony we had a foot washing.  The water was FREEZING.

footwashing 2

I picked these socks out for Josiah, and while I knew we were having a footwashing, I forgot when we were in the middle of the ceremony.


This was when said, “Kristen, you may now kiss your groom.”



And Josiah surprised me by telling me to jump.  He didn’t trip and he carried/basically ran with me down the entire aisle.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and it was one of those things that a few days before I was not sure how it was going to turn out because we had to change the location last minute.  We had originally planned to get married at the new church and that didn’t get finished in time so we were going to get married outside.  Well, due to the rain we moved the ceremony to the old church and Josiah just made it work and it looked incredible.

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