Yay for Friday: Favorites

It is FINALLY Friday!  It has been a long, long week.  I have gotten a lot done in the house but still have a lot to go!

1- Pistachios.  I have been obsessed with them.  I wish they were not so expensive but I do absolutely love them.  I ordered some off Amazon and am waiting for them to come in.  If anyone knows where to get them cheaper, let me know!


2- MyPix2.com.  Canvases.  I love their canvases.  I have purchased canvases from multiple websites and have found none I like as much as these ones.  They are the thickest at 1.5″ and they run amazing sales as well as have groupons.  I may have purchased 4 or 5 wedding photos for the house from here.

3- Wayfair.com.  Have you used them?  I have purchased quite a few new things for the house off here.  The items arrive FAST which is awesome.  Have not purchased any major furniture pieces, but will probably do so soon.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.58.30 PM

4- Bare Minerals Make up.  I love it.  I forget about a pallet I have and then I find it and then I switch it up.  I love their foundation too.  And their blush.  Yeah, I  just love them all around.

5- Good & Plenty.  I know some people do not like licorice candy, but I think it is delicious.  I used to get the Good & Fruity when I was at camp, but I have not seen those around.

p.s. none of these are affiliate links.  I just like these things.


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