Wedding Photos [#1]

I apologize for the photo overload (and this is Wedding photos part 1!) but I just want to make sure to document the wedding.  There were a ton of last minute changes but it was still incredibly beautiful and more than I could have imagined!


One of my friend’s from church made me this beautiful hanger.  I thought she was bringing a hanger that just said “Bride” and she had made this one for me! :)

dresses lined up

My Bridesmaids all wore the same Petal dress from David’s Bridal.  I had ages 12-30 as Bridesmaids and wanted to make it flattering for everyone!

getting into dress

The “Mom buttons up the dress” photo.  While this was being taken, not going to lie, I was having major worries because she could not get the underneath bra to be hidden.  I had to call in reinforcements.

dress freakout

This is one of the freak out photos :)


The photographers took some beautiful photos with our invitations and rings.  I love having them.


I made Josiah some handstamped collar stays to wear in his shirt on our wedding day.  I loved how he had the photographer take photos of them!

first look cry

This was the first look.  I could not hold it together at all.  Josiah has an awesome expression.

wedding day prayer

I love my husband and his Godly leadership.  He pulled me in to pray after the first look.  I love this photo.

wedding portrait 3

The weather called for rain on our wedding day so we moved the ceremony and reception in doors.  It didn’t rain a drop and we were able to take our photos outside in a field behind the church.

wedding portrait 2

wedding portrait 1


Favorite Engagement Photos

I wanted to share some photos of our session with our wedding photographers at Inks Lake State Park here in Texas.  It was perfect weather on a Sunday evening and we had a great time shooting with our wedding photographers!

Inks Lake Engagement 1

Inks Lake Engagement 9

Inks Lake Engagement 8

Inks Lake Engagement 7

Inks Lake Engagement 6

There were some silly photos of course!

Inks Lake Engagement 5

And some really sweet ones.

Inks Lake Engagement 4

Inks Lake Engagement 3

Inks Lake Engagement 2


The Yes Day: [Almost] Wordless Wednesday

© Nyk + Cali, Wedding Photographers

On December 23rd, 2014 I said Yes to marry my best friend.  I will fill y’all in more once I get photos back (he hired a photographer!) and will do a whole post on the proposal.  For now, this is my absolute favorite photo that we have received!


Weekend Recap [a little late]

This weekend we went to Austin and Saturday. Austin is such a beautiful city. I absolutely love how everyone spends so much time outdoors. There are so many beautiful trails and things to do.

Austin 2


The day was absolutely beautiful.  We parked and walked for a while and met up with Josiah’s brother, his girlfriend and their old youth pastor and his wife.  They live in Austin and had stayed at their house Friday night.


Josiah Kristen Austin


I may be partial but I think we take pretty good photos.  :)  Then that night we went to the Festival of Lights.  It isn’t huge but it is a nice holiday display.

MF Lights 2

MF Lights 3

Trying to get photos to come out at the Festival of Lights is pretty difficult!  Excuse the random lights in his face.

MF Lights

And of course you have to take your photo in this one!  Who could pass this up?


Then my pano of church.  I love watching him sing.  Everyone else does pretty well too!  We have some Christmas carols in the mix now and next week all of the Christmas decorations will be up.  If only the Christmas season could go just a little bit slower!

There is my weekend recap.  It is a little late but better late than never, right?  Our weekends are always jam packed but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I am not sure what we will be doing this weekend but I know the one after that includes a plane flight to Tennessee for Christmas!  Cannot believe it is almost Christmas!  I hope you are having a fabulous December so far and enjoying the season!