5 Minutes with Jesus – Sheila Walsh [Book Review]


5 Minutes with Jesus by Sheila Walsh is a fabulous little hardback devotional book.  It follows the same layout in each chapter starting with a topic and a short write up with a story and biblical principle followed by a few Bible verses to review and read.  You can dig deeper into them or read them as is. The topics are applicable to anyone from facing our fears to worry to how to find comfort in Him.  I could go through and tell you all of the topics but I want you to pick it up and read it yourself!  The scripture references allow you to review scripture without having to open your Bible or you can dig deeper into the scripture if you have more time.  Sheila is easy to relate to and you can take what she writes and apply it to your life.  It is a comfort to read what she has gone through and how she has handle it in smaller chunks that can be read in short intervals daily.  I would definitely recommend this book for yourself and to give as a gift.






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Thankful | Book Review


Thankful by Eileen Spinelli (release date: 9/1/15) is a beautifully illustrated book perfect for autumn and for Thanksgiving.  I love the adorable illustrations by Archie Preston.  They are beautifully illustrated with a cartoon feel to them.  The book encourages children (& adults) to be thankful for everyday blessings.  It goes through different people and what they are thankful for.  From the artist being thankful for color and light to the crafter being thankful for glitter and glue.  I think it is a wonderful book for explaining thankfulness to children and how we can be thankful to God for the little things in addition to the big things!


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Let’s All Be Brave by Annie Downs [Book Review]

(I have had this book for quite a while to review and it has taken me longer than it should but lots has been going on!)

I was really excited about this book by Annie Downs just because of all I had heard about it.  I had heard her speak, read her blog and I just could not wait to read this book!  Annie’s writing style makes you feel at ease.  It is like she is writing letters to all of her personal friends.  It is really easy to relate to and makes you feel like you are just sitting down to coffee with someone and I absolutely love that.

There isn’t anything said that we really don’t already know in regards to how God uses us and pushes us out of our comfort zones but she says it in new ways.  She says the things we need to hear.  Learning to be brave is learning to be brave where we are.  We can be just as brave in our jobs at home as someone in the mission field, it just takes trusting God.

One of my favorite quotes was in the beginning of the book: “If we want to see God glorified all over the world, we need to be brave enough to see courage in all its different forms.”  Sometimes I think because I am not called to the mission field I am not as ‘Christian’ as someone who is but Annie shows us it isn’t that at all.

This book is perfect for all women, from teens, to singles, to married and older.  I think all life stages can benefit from reading her book.  Annie draws on her life experiences, that are similar in different ways to things we have all experienced and can relate to.  It is small steps that help bring us to living a brave life but it all starts with just being open and saying yes to it.  As Annie says, God made us with a purpose, God made us to be brave and He will equip us to do so.

I hope I can take her advice and be brave!  Even though I currently don’t know exactly what that is yet.


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“Leadership Lessons, Avoiding the Pitfalls of King Saul” [Book Review]


“Leadership Lessons, Avoiding the Pitfalls of King Saul” is different than other leadership books you may have read as it is about Saul who failed as a leader. Most leadership books focus on people like Lincoln and others who were excellent leaders. This book begins the first chapter with explaining why should you study a failed leader. They show how Saul messed up and why we shouldn’t do that. I find it particularly important how in the first few paragraphs of the book the authors explain that while what Saul does sounds extreme they are not so far removed from how people in the church act today.

The book goes through different things Saul failed to do that good leaders should do. It is organized into chapters such as “Saul Failed to Think Before He Spoke” and ” Saul Failed to Lead the People, but Let Them Lead Him Instead”. Then throughout the chapter it talks about what Saul did and using Biblical Wisdom to show why that is not how leaders should behave with Scripture to reinforce.

A really nice thing at the end of each chapter is a Group Discussion and Personal Reflection Guide. This is a great way to reinforce what you learned in the chapter whether you are reading it by yourself or with someone else. It starts with Group Discussion questions but you could easily answer those by yourself if only you were reading it.

This is a great book for businesses, churches and groups of leaders to do together. The book encourages us to look at the major pitfalls that leaders can run into (not just Saul, all of us) and why and how we can behave differently.
I was provided this book free of charge in exchange for a review. My opinion and review of the book is all mine.