Christmas Decorating

Last weekend we pulled out all of the Christmas decorations.  I have a small obsession with taking photos and so I took some along the way.  I was exhausted when the weekend was over but I absolutely love having the house decorated for Christmas- so it was definitely worth it :)


Why do cats love boxes so much?  We had a new tree this year and as I was pulling it out of the box he could not wait to get in it.

I pulled all the ornaments out of the boxes and then put them on the tree.  I felt like I was never going to get through the pile!

His favorite spot is underneath the trees

Looking towards the front door.  I love how the tree looks.  Normally we put it in the family room but we tried something different this year.  The white one always goes at the top of the stairs.

The white tree with my Christmas scenes in the background.

The puppies got into decorating at Kendra’s house.  They were pretty tired after it was all done though :)

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  1. Looks lovely. We got decorations out on Monday. Right now it looks like the Christmas boxes exploded all over the living room…but I’m hoping to get more of a handle on it soon.

  2. I haven’t gotten a chance to decorate yet. Our tree is in the house {live tree} but no lights or anything quite yet.