Go & Make Disciples [Mission Trip]

Make Disciples


As this is posted I am currently on my way to go to my first mission trip in Honduras.  Jesus left us with the above command to “go and make disciples of all nations” and that is what I am finally getting to do.  We are heading to  Honduras for a week to encourage a church that our church as adopted and partnered with.  We won’t be building anything  but will instead be doing a VBS and music ministry with the kids and people in the community.  I am praying this is a way to connect with the local community.  Then another group will head down in October to do a medical mission trip.s.

Since I have never been on a mission trip, I am not fully sure of what to expect but I am praying that we are prepared for whatever will come our way!  I also pray for our safety and the safety of those who live there.  I pray we are able to do more for them than we think we can and that we will leave them better than they were when we arrived.  I pray we all keep in mind the mission we have been given and act accordingly.  Most of all I pray for His will to be done.

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