Humble Yourself [1 Peter 5:6]

1 Peter 5:6


The world tells us that confidence is key to getting what we want.  That we need to show everyone we have the confidence to get to the next step.  But overconfidence in life isn’t good and there is a point where the confidence that we think is helping us actually makes us seem like jerks.  Yes, confidence is important but I venture to say that humility may be even more important.

Being humble includes trusting God in everything.  ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heard, and lean not on your own understand’ -Proverbs 3:5   Take a look a Philippians 2:1-11, Christ Himself took on the nature of a servant, humbled himself and was obedient to the point of death.  We should strive to have the same mindset as Jesus.  We need to trust in God and not in ourselves.  Everything comes from Him.  Humility is to place our dependence upon Him.

In life, we can humble ourselves before others as well.  We aren’t going to know everything and we can learn a lot from other people who have walked before us and done things before we have.  Are we admitting defeat? Not at all.  We can learn so much from those around us.  If we take time to admit we don’t know things, ask for help or even just show an interest in learning from others we are doing so much to improve our lives and theirs.

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